Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Koby - April 20, 1999

Religious Life

All right. So you--your family was a religious family--well, how large was your family, first of all?

Well, it--we were not that religious, we were just an, an, a, a

[interruption in interview]

There we go.

That's working ???.

[interruption in interview]

Just tell, tell me the names of your mother's siblings.

My mother's uh, my mother's family was originally in Giuszwica. They were--all her brothers and sisters were born in Giuszwica. Okay? And my mother's maiden name was Tessler. My grandfather was Yitzhak Tessler. He died somewheres--I don't know whether before I was born or during World...or somewheres. I never met him. I do not remember ever seeing him. Okay, but I know he died. And uh, my grandmother was--her name was Sarah. And she came--she was an import into our...

From another...

...into our village.

From another village?

From another shtetl, Mizoch. I looked on the map and saw it's not far. I found it a couple times on maps. Well, and my mother's was a big family. They had a very nice house and barns and stables you know, substantial buildings, brick. If not brick, it was sand stone, but they were big.

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