Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Koby - April 20, 1999

Reluctance to Talk

So you...


You were reluctant to tell them--you don't want to hurt them, is that it?


You didn't want to hurt them.


Did they ever ask about it?

Sometimes--not--no, they used to talk to little--oh, I told them we were hidden over there potatoes and stuff like that.


No water and stuff like that. Uh, we were here, we were there. And I think they know about it.

Well, they're going to...

I think they know more than I think they know.

They're going to know now, um...

It's very rough.

What--the, the flip-side of this is, is whether it's, it's difficult for you to talk about.

I'm sure it would have been very difficult for me to talk to them.

To them about it.

I mean, to the extent that time talking to you.

Yeah. Is it, is it easier to talk to somebody who's not a relative?

??? of course, yes.

Okay. Um...

Besides, I'm not your father.

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