Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Koby - April 20, 1999

Living in Germany

Twenty. And you, you had been in Ulm for, what, three years?

We came--three.


We came, we came in 1940--June of '47.

And you were there and you stayed for almost three years.

Almost three years, yes. January of '50 I got out of high school.

January of '50. And, and um...

Because I went to summer schools too, a couple times.

So you must have learned German pretty fast.

I don't know if I learned German pretty--I didn't learn any German.

So you--but you got through high school, you said

Here, yes.

Oh, here. I see, I see.

I didn't go, I didn't go to school in Germany.

You--I see.

I even didn't go to school in Poland. But Ilona Weissburger went to school there. My job was to go and pick her up, walk with her home.

So you stayed--you--she's still um, a, a friend, in, in touch with you there.

No, no.

I mean in--already in 1950

In, in Bytom, in Bytom.

But not to Ulm.

??? no. Last time I saw her in Bytom, one day I came to her apartment and she was gone.

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