Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Koby - April 20, 1999


Did they find the fleas?

Body searched, they went through their luggage and ah, women were crying, and screaming. They must have had on their body money or something or dollars or gold or whatever. Screaming, huh?

Did they...


Did they find fleas when they did the search?

No, I, no, I--they probably did--I don't...

Probably did.

No, fleas don't stay. They, they jump.


They get underway.

What was this all about, you were--do you have any idea why...

They were robbing us. They were looking for gold.


They were looking for money. They robbed us. They don't need the blankets and things.

I see.

The two, two stations, they, they robbed them. People crying and screaming how they ruined them, financially.

Okay. So you were transferred from the jurisdiction of the Poles to the jurisdiction of the Czechs?

The jurisdiction of the Czechs.


But actually, it was the jurisdiction of the Russians.

The whole thing was under the Soviet...

That's right, the whole thing. The, the Czechs or the Poles were just puppets obeying the--the school...


...the rules.


And we--we're standing there on the railroad station and you could see a whole bunch of trucks lined up on the other side of the field. That was the American zone. The Americans were already--the American whatever was--were waiting for us.

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