Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Koby - April 20, 1999

Life After the War


Not passenger cars. You can take whatever you want and you can--you'll leave on hopefully on such-and-such a day. My mother went to Ul'Baron and picked up Yitzhak and Pinhaus and brought them to Rovno. They're going to stay with us. Well--and we had also Isaac Ooster, there, another cousin. He lives in New York now, Malka's son. Because Malka got into trouble with the, with the law and she got arrested. And uh, she had, she had to leave. And uh, they stayed two or three days and then disappeared again.


Well, my mother was very upset. And she told my father to go to get them. He said, "Look," he said--whatever he said, he said, "No, he's not going. You go. Those are your nephews, why don't you talk to your brothers and sisters and let them pick them..." "No, that's okay." We get up in the morning, her uncle--her, her brothers and sisters and cousin Manya are gone! They're not in the house where they lived--gone. So they figured maybe they moved to another place and--forget it, gone. So that was one problem that she didn't have to face, didn't have to talk to her brothers and sisters. Well, she went and got Pinhaus and Yitzhak again. And that time, they stayed and we all went to Poland. We came to Poland and we went to a city called Bytom. It used to be under the Germans was Beuthen.

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