Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Pauline Kleinberg - October 28, 1982

Being Ill


Yeah, but whatever. I didn't know about it, I didn't know what, what happened. But we heard this. So we got there into one of that friend which knew our parents and he knew my married sister from the different city. At this time there, that city was the--kinda quiet for the time being. He had a lot of property. He said, "I want you two girls to go here, here and here at this address and stay there. This is my piece of property. There is a widow living there on, on the attic and I want you to stay there. It's very dangerous around." He didn't know it, I, I was sick. In the meantime my sister looks at me and she sees my lips are like a fire. And then I said, "I have to run." This is--it makes you run with blood. So this woman knew, once this--that gets you, you, you it's dangerous for her and you have no chance. So she said uh, "Is your sister sick?" She says, "No, no, no, she just has an upset stomach, no." She was afraid, she was older, she was afraid. In the morning she ran to those peoples and she told them the truth. So they made--they brought me something uh, to fix--and I don't know, miraculously it just went away. Thousands and thousands of people from all over, they were running from those that were dying in the streets. And the ones that didn't die, sent to the hospital and they never came back. And there was so much shooting going on, on the people. You see, we were not supposed to leave the city. People were leaving. We were not su...that's why he told us to stay there and not to move. But a few days later, rumors were that this city is going to be--how do you say ???


In...not invaded, like um, exported.

Okay. Deported.

Deported. Deported, yeah, uh, this city in the rumors start. That's what they did, from one place to the other. And a few days later I was already well. We, we run again back, 'cause they were uh, uh, expor...well, how do you say?



All right, let's--before we get on to that, I want to get a few facts about what your life was like just before the war. And then we're going to come right back to...


...where you are, because...

One time...

...I'd like to get a...


...a time sequence.

Yeah, I know.

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