Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Pauline Kleinberg - October 28, 1982

The Gestapo in Poland

Well, I'm going to uh, take her address and...


...then her phone number and I will give her a call and uh, I'd like to talk to her too.

Yeah, you'll, uh, she'll give you good material, and then very informative--like she told me--she read the book. It was so strange, like a whole new--a different history. Like I say, "???, you wouldn't believe me, I have a history wi...with enough material to write a set of books before I came to this first camp when I met you." And you know when it happened exactly forty years ago today. Forty years when it started real bad. I mean, has been going on--we had the Germans right when the war broke out, like uh, very first few hours, we had the Germans. And we were tortured and I've seen uh, pulling down from above us were living uh, Jew, you know, villages and, you know, they were more religious uh, Orthodox people than here, with the beard. A very respected Jew in the city they pull him down by the beard--down uh, the uh, the stairway. I, I remember the--seeing it now. And they were uh, shooting in it. One time they walked in into a wholesale of spices. I remember that place too. Certain things I, I could see the picture right now. They walked in and there was a, a family uh, a daughter with a daughter-in-law--with a son-in-law--and a family. There was an old mother. She helped out in the store too. And they probably had people uh, help them out uh, you know, in the store. And uh, Gestapo walks in to take that couple out. So the mother walked in to care of the rest of the business. And about a few blocks away they were shot. This old mother with the children--with young kids--probably six, seven years old, never knew until she was killed, but they were shot a few--a couple blocks away. And I remember as a kid, I was walking down--I, I reme...I see the place on the wall, parts of the uh, braid were on the wall against the bricks before they washed it away. And that happens in--that happens a lot.

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