Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bernard & Emery Klein - May 23, 1984


And what did your family do? What was your father's business?

E: Our fathers had several involvements. So happens we had the unique situation where our mother and her sister, two sisters, were married to two brothers and the two brothers and sisters, not only we lived together, we had a very, very large, long house which we lived in, first were the quarters of uncle and aunt and then there were ours. Those are all the businesses where, joined they were partners and different things they did. One of the main things was we had a wholesale and retail market; we had a delivery service... B: ...Farm land.

E: ...we had a brick manufacturing plant and although our father and uncle were gentlemen farmers, we owned I don't know how many acres of land, which were worked by the people whoever were hired, rather rented the firms to work for one third of what the arrangements were and the rest of the crops were ours, which we in turn used for the cattle and so on which our parents owned. B: As my brother mentioned, the two sisters married two brothers. My uncle and aunt were childless, and therefore they considered us as their children and uh, we were fortunate enough to really, literally, have two sets of parents. They were always with us and uh, of course, they loved us as their own children. And, in turn, we did the same for them.

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