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Bernard & Emery Klein - May 23, 1984

Transport to Birkenau

Who told you?

B: Ah, it so happens, I remember the fellow's name. It was Brenif. He was from here...he was made a inner block, a block policeman and he stayed on.

E: He was a landsmann of ours. B: A fellow from our town, from Humenné. So he instantly recognized me. As a matter of fact, if I, the memory is not exactly the keenest on that, but I think you left a message for me with him.

E: Just in case you come. B: Ya, that if I come to...

E: I remember, we were very concerned, I wonder if we ever see him again. It was just an absolutely crazy situation, never knew what happens next minute. And not having Bernie with us was... B: If you can anything during those years a miracle, then it was really a miracle that when I was taken about three or four, maybe a week later, to Birkenau...

E: How we... B: And went to the same places...

E: ...joined up and how we survived. B: I ran in to my father and my brother, as I mentioned earlier at the beginning of the interview that once we reach Birkenau, I never again...Well, once I stayed behind in Nitra, I never again saw my mother and my sister or my aunt who was with us at that time, and uh, it was really a miracle that later on I ran into my father and my brother. Emery, what happened when they came to take you, your parents, and your sister, and your aunt away when Bernie was doing his labor?

E: Oh, you're talking in Sered?


B: No, in Nitra.

In Nitra.

E: In Nitra, rather. We were just, we were in a jail cell, and we were thrown in, into cattle cars to a point where you, never mind couldn't sit down, you could hardly stand. Just jammed in to way over capacity, and taken to Birkenau. Again, comfortless, not something what we wanted. The fear, where are we going, what will be next, was obviously most, foremost in our mind, and we were transported into Birkenau, and I think earlier in the interview I mentioned to you as I rode there and this parting with our mother and sister who...

Could you describe it?

E: ...were...

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