Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bernard & Emery Klein - May 23, 1984

Fate of Family Members

Of all these people we see here, neighbors and members of your family, how many of them survived the war?

B: Well, besides us, very few.

E: Very, very few. B: Of course, our father survived, but unfortunately, he passed away in 1970.

E: There's really only, only three cousins, besides us, Heinal Sendt, who's now in Los Angeles... B: Bernie Sommer...

E: Bernie Sommer... B: Ladislaw Grossman.

E: Ladislaw Grossman, the author who meantime passed away. B: Martin survived the war, but he's not alive anymore. And uh, Susan, who still lives in Czechoslovakia.

E: Right. B: There's a total of about five, out of a family of, I would say, close to 50. The immediate aunts, uncles, and cousins, possibly more if you started counting.

E: Our family, talking about aunts, uncles, and cousins are probably in the '60s and as uh, as far as survivors, there are barely uh, dozen survived, and unfortunately, meantime several died since then. B: Since the war. We have a couple cousins in Israel, but they really don't count.

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