Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joseph Klaiman - May 4, 1982

Jewish Police

Do you remember the police? Do you remember, you know, the, uh...

I remember a lot of thing about the Germans. You always was afraid. When you sleep you was crying sometimes because you was afraid that they going to come and pick you up. And you knew what happened to--we really didn't believe it that they're going to kill children, children and, I mean, woman. Still we was afraid that something--that the state took a transport with people. They--not, not, not one man came back, we knew something has happened. But we didn't believe it that people can be so sadistic and kill children. That was...

Do you remember the Jewish police too?

Yeah. Sure, I remember the Jewish police.

What was their behavior like?

That's what--I cannot complain. No, we--I had no problem with the Jewish police. They were very nice people.

They were fair in their treatment?

Yeah, I believe they was fair. Everybody wants to leave in the Łódź ghetto, I mean, uh. They were not too bad, the, the Jewish police in our--in the ghetto.

Were you friendly--were you personal friends with any of them?

No. I never had a friend in the police, but I know that I was a little kid...


...I don't--they never hurt nobody that I heard about it, the Jewish uh, the police. And about to tell everything about the Łódź ghetto, it's a lot of things what I, I don't want to...

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