Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Ilya Martha Kessler - November 1, 1982


Sorry I was crying for you, just...

Oh, no.

...I have more, just, you know, you don't remember always and I mean it's better not to remember it.


It's a very, very hard things. Things what... You know, sometime I thinking back, I said that's good that's happened with me. There is such a things. People do for the other people such a things. People would never did for nobody nothing wrong. They lived in a small place and they was good to each other and they ??? some. In Europe ??? you can mention what happened there, how they did with the people. I said myself, "That happened with me or that I, I dream?" Terrible. My, my aunt who came home--my mother--my aunt had two kids ??? and they didn't tell her they going to send her two kids. And next day, she asked, "When I can see my kids." So, they said, "Okay, a couple days later." They ??? and the Kapo said uh, uh, "You go to the German and ask when you can see your children." So, she went there and the German said, "Do you see that smoke? That was all your children." You know, you can imagine what, what happened. How people could do such a things. There was a chimney and there was so big fire and from the fire the smoke all over and the smell they burn stuff there all day long. And you didn't know from one minute to the other if they're not taking you. And, and people get crazy. Oh, and there was a fence and this was from uh, electric. Yes, electric. If you touch it... People went there and they didn't want to live. They touch it and they burn and they kill them. And, and uh, and they went to the dog the, the German and with uh, and hit the people. Terrible.

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