Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Ilya Martha Kessler - November 1, 1982

First Car

Uh, there was a doctor, my father's, uh, my father's uh, friend was. They grew up together. So, he went to uh, go to school to Prague. So, he came back to us the doctor. Dr Rosenstein his name was. And he had a car. That was the first time I saw in my life. And this car was front you need the keys and the back they pushed them, because he needed a car to go to the patient. And when I came to America, oh the one, twenty years I jumped. I came to America and my husband said, "You know what, I go to my car and man, a car, I paid a hundred dollar." I said, "My God, you are buying a car, a car, a car like Dr. Rosenstein had? I have to push it in the back and the front you're going to have to ready." So, when I saw, I saw the hundred dollar car, it was a Dodge uh, was a 1950. It was a good car and he used it I don't know how many years. So, I always remember the Dr. Rosenstein car. That was the first car that I, I saw in my life.


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