Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Ilya Martha Kessler - November 1, 1982


How large was your family, your, in that town? How many aunts and uncles did you have, and cousins?

Oh my, my father had... They were seven, yeah.

Seven brothers and sisters?

Uh, three sisters and four brothers was, uh... And he was the old person ??? Uh, more than a half family, lots of big families. That's what I, I miss, you know.

Sure. What about your mother? How many?

My mother came from uh, the city, so she had uh, she had two sisters and one brother and the parents. And my aunt went to Budapest and ??? they started to took us. And she never turned back Jew. She, she lives in Budapest, my mother sister. And, and her husband too and the kids, they, they never want to be Jewish.

They live there now?

Yeah, they live in Budapest, in Hungary. They... My, my mother sister. And uh, when I went there, so I think that I said to my father... brother, "I want to be like my aunt." So, they said, "No, no, you have to be Jewish." So ???

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