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Ruth Kent - May 4, 1982

School Life

Public school?

Public school, yes. I don't remember if my little brother had any school at all. And my brother Jack went to another school which was located directly across from the gymnasium that public school that my brother Larry went quite to the contrary. Larry went to an all Jewish school in fact it was uh, the school, the elite school in Łódź. Uh, the name of the school was uh, Katzenelson and uh, he was a quite well-known poet. The name is very well-known now in Israel, when I was in Israel, they really uh, thought that he was the greatest. And so there was a Jewish school and there was my brother Jack's school, there was a public school extremely anti-Semite. He had a lot of problems in school he hated school with a passion. I mean he's a professor now but he hated school with a passion. He loved helping in the bakery and we had this Panna always helping him with his homework.

Was she Jewish?

She was, I am not sure, she was a little bit hard of hearing and her name was Panna. And she was with us and we tried, my mother tried, at least for him to uh, do his homework. We also had a sort of rabbi that would come and teach us a little uh, I would, Hebrew I would say relig... just for religious training. And...

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