Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Fred Kendal - May 25, 1983


Do you have any physical illness as a result of your experience during the war or anything?

Uh, none that I know of. Uh, none that I really know of. Maybe there is something reoccurred.

Do you ever have nightmares about it?

I did. For, for many years I had different kind of nightmares but, thank God, not for a very long time.

And you have how many children?

Three. I have a son and two daughters.

And what are your hopes for their future? ???

They should be good people and they should have a good life, that's it. All I can think of, you know, with their families. I--one of the things that I am very happy is that all of them--I was able to, and that they wanted to and they were able to graduate college. That they are good people. My son is an attorney. He is married--he's got a wife and child--I am a grandfather. My daughter ???, she graduated. She lives in California now. My daughter Robin just graduated as an art maker and a school teacher. She can't find a job but that's it.

Is there anything else that you would like to add that we didn't cover?

The only thing I can add is that uh, I was very close to my grandfather. I think he was very great person and when he passed away I had felt a great loss. Even though that he lived to very ripe old age but it was a loss at that. And my mother is now living in California with my brother. Matter of fact, we are going there for her 75th birthday and for my nephew's bar mitzvah that's going to be at the same time. And we have tried to have a good life here that's all I have to and very lucky to have met Beverley and got married and we have had a good life.

Thank you very much. You are welcome.

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