Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Fred Kendal - May 25, 1983

Nearly Getting Caught by Germans II

When we woke up uh, we immediately uh, heard where they're shooting--the direction was coming from and, of course, you always run in the opposite direction. Uh, the shooting and the explosions and everything else was horrifying. We ran away from our camp where we were at and uh, we put a lot of distance on. And when we got--when we finally settled down in an area that we thought it was safe but it sounded quieter and everything else. A few days later uh, some of the men went out to get back to where we were and uh, the camp was ransacked and uh, where we were at and uh, burned and everything else, so evidently the Germans got there. Then uh, again they proceed it and they got to where my grandfather's brother and his family was at and they found all of them--almost all of them. There were few that escaped but--and they buried them all there and uh, they found out later that one of the Ukrainians had stumbled across their camp and he notified the police and the Germans and that's how it came about. And it so happened that they also knew where we were at but it so happened that they were closest to the road--to the main road and so it--they destroyed them and then they were going to--they came into out direction and I guess when we--burned us, we escaped but that's an incident I recall.

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