Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Fred Kendal - May 25, 1983

Family Splits Up

And then they started collecting all of the people--all the Jewish people that were living outside of the city to get them into the city. And uh, of course um, by that time they had the Ukraine police and they had us from the villages and from the farms. ??? They took everybody into the city--into the ghetto. Of course we--I remember being in the ghetto. And um, my uncle--they will probably cut that out. My Uncle Saul, and aunt, and cousins and everybody were spread out in different homes were--wound up in the ghetto. This I remember vividly. And um, I also remember that they would take um, people for jobs and they would send them to work camps or labor camps or whatever. Now I do recall--this I recall vividly, now that they took the able-bodied men first and then they took some families, but I don't know why. Okay? I couldn't tell you that. I do recall that in our family they took one, two, four of my uncles. One uncle was with his wife and his daughter, my cousin. And my mother and father and myself were in there, yeah. And my grandfather, we went--I don't know how this happened, but we were all went to this um, labor camp. My grandmother remained with three of my aunts in town. They had very small children and she said that she wouldn't leave them with babies and so on, 'cause they were little babies. So she remained in town and we went to the labor camp.

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