Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Fred Kendal - May 25, 1983

Family II

How large was your extended family of, of uh, aunts and uncles and...

Okay. My grandfather had--there were on my mother's side, there were two uncles, and she had two brothers and two aunts, okay? And, of course, there were-- they all--one had two children or they have two children, then one had one child and my uncle had a child and David's wife had a child, yeah. Now on my dad's side, it was one, two, three--there was one brother--one uncle and two aunts and uncles, of course, and they had children. Uh, we sort of lost touch on what happened on that side of the family. I do know that one of my uncles did survive and he is in Israel. Um, that's on my Dad's side. Um, and so that's as far as I know on that side.

And ???

Yeah. They're all in Berezne. Okay. My--well not necessarily. Um, on my mother's side, we had one aunt that lived in ???. and another one lived in--I forget the name of the town. Anyway, they all--somehow or other they all decided that it would be safer to assemble and get back to the farm--to where my grandfather lived because they felt that--and it seems that the whole family assembled there on, on my mother's side. They felt that that was a safe place to be, yeah.

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