Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Fred Kendal - May 25, 1983

Moving to Displaced Persons Camp

When we got there, we began--it was just after the Germans pulled out for a period. We found a lot of more Jewish people that were assembling in that area. At the same, one from--my, my Uncle David uh, actually deserted from, like a colonel. He was still in uniform and he caught up with us and my grandfather was there. And then for--we found out that my uncle ??? he did fall behind and it seems he went back and got his family and at this point they were coming there, to Łódź. Um, and then, I think that, we were there all summer in some bombed out the building. We lived in the basement. And, apparently, we found out that there was--we were there for quite a few months. There was some organization that was able to arrange for the escape from Poland to Vienna. I don't know how they arranged that situation but one night, we got on some trucks in Łódź. We went through some town, I think that I don't remember the name of that. And when we got there, we smuggled us across the border from Poland and, and then we wound--I don't know how ???. It escapes me but we did wound up in--we did wound up in Vienna. We were there in a displaced camp and if I remember correct...correctly was in a place called--I want to say Mr. Rothschild told them or something of that nature that there was this displaced camp in Vienna for displaced people. Uh, at that point, there were organizations trying to smuggle the people out of there to Italy.

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