Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Fred Kendal - May 25, 1983


The following is an interview with Mr. Fred Kendal at his home in West Bloomfield, Michigan on the evening of May the 25th, 1983. Donna Miller is the interviewer.

Could you tell me your name and where you were born?

Fred Kendal and I was born in Berezne. Uh, it's the Ukraine actually uh, and that's about ???...

Okay. On what date were you born?

July the 27th, 1931.

Could you describe your life before the war?

Uh, before the war it was just a normal time with the family, going to school, and uh, nothing--dull--well, there was a lot of excitement a lot of things that were exciting, but uh, um, I remember uh, visiting my grandfather who had a farm and my grandmother who lived, lived in Berezne. And uh, when the war broke out uh, we--our family went to the farm where my grandfather lived. Uh, we thought that it would be--or my family thought it would be safer to be on the farm rather than to be in the town. ??? was in town. And then when the Germans came in uh, for a long while we lived on the farm with grandpa--helped of my uncle who lived not too far away. My grandfather had--was a um, cattle buyer, and so he knew all the farmers and he would buy the cattle and take them to market and so on and so forth and that's why--one of the reasons I guess that he had such a big farm.

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