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Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Religion and Politics

Uh, do you remember how many synagogues there were in your town?

I belong to that synagogue?


Over here, yeah.

Wife: No.

No, not here. Back in the town there. How many...

It was one synagogue...


...and one was a... One synagogue and one was like a, a big, not a synagogue, called ??? Like one was a synagogue and one was like a synagogue, it was called, a, a ??? Like a little big one, there, there were a few little ones. Like every little one have a different thing. One was a Ger Hasid when they like, like some different organization like here. ??? and different things like that. My father used to belong to a little one, Ger Hasid.

Did your family have any um, religious af... uh, I mean, political affiliations?


Politics? Did they, did they talk about politics at all?

No. My... One of my, my brothers was also talking, eventually to go to Israel. He was going, learning like a first maybe like a carpenter or something and my father was against that he's there. You go to Israel as a carpenter ??? you know it's like the old country, you know what I'm talking. It's when you go get married, somebody make sure, because he's a carpenter, he's no good for this or something like that. This was wrong. I agreed a thousand percent it was wrong. A person, a person, it's not different if he's a carpenter or he's a doctor or he's a something else.


And certain things.

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