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Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Life in United States

What are your feelings about the United States?

It's a great country. It's not ??? Everybody want to work it's okay, Jews and non-Jews, it's a country for everybody. Good country. Anybody that don't want to work, the country's no good. You gotta work. Nobody give you nothing for nothing. It's no money, ??? the money. And everybody ??? and it's a great country. The best country, everybody, I don't care, Jews, Gentile, anybody.

What kind of problems did you have here?

Over here?


About what?

When you came, did you have any problems?

No, I have no problems at all. I come here, I have a friend, they give me right away job. I don't want to take Jewish social service. It took a few weeks, three, four week, and I don't want to take, I go to work right away. Then from then on, I'm working back and forth, no problem at all. I was not finishing school, I was going to school, I live in the school, I get by very good in my business. It's a great country, a good country, there's nothing compare country. I raised four kids, I make four bat mi... a bat mitzvah and three bar mitzvahs and two weddings and other parties. Nice parties. Someday I can show you the pictures of the parties. And nobody give me nothing. No respect. Nobody give me nothing.

You have four children.

I have two grandchildren and four kids. I make, like I say, I make two weddings and bat mitzvahs and bar mitzvahs, five, six parties. And every time, like I say, I make a party, it was a nice party and everything, last couple parties I was always crying, where my family. Why are we better than them? Why they not here? Why this happened? So, don't forget. Maybe don't feel why I'm here, why I could not be with them together. Why am I better and things like that. Every party. I mean, like I say, when I, after plaques I was feeling much relaxed. At least I got the names, every time come here shul my brother's name, every time.

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