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Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Fate of Family 2

You knew that your family wasn't coming back.

I knew my family got killed and never come back.

Why did you go back to the town?

I, I thought maybe I'd find somebody. I thought maybe, maybe, maybe. Maybe a relative, who know. I have a big family, cousins, uncle, like, like say, my bro... my brothers living in different cities, where they were married. One living in ?ód?, one was living in, in ??? one was living in Kielce. In different city, I thought maybe somebody left over, if not left over, maybe his wife, maybe a kid, maybe a cousin. Like I say, but my mother have six... four uncles, four brothers. Each one have eight, nine kids. I would have a brother now. He will be—well, I'm fifty-eight—he will be seventy-two years old. My brother seventy-two, seventy-four years old, my—I'm fifty-eight. My bro... My father would be today, if he living, would be ninety-eight. My mother would be ninety-six though, I cannot count it, as I say, my brother... I was the youngest one. So, I figured maybe ??? A few years ago, I have a letter from Poland, my cousin left living someplace in Poland or in Ireland.

Wife: Ireland.

I wrote a letter to Chick Kelly, you remember?

Wife: It was Ireland.

Yeah, Ireland. And I want to find out if maybe my cousin living. But not, my, as a cousin, it was a, a brother-in-law from my cousin living in Ireland. I thought maybe my first cousin. I was writing letter back and forth. And I got back it's not my cousin, it's a, a brother-in-law from my cousin. He lived way in Ireland. I was writing down for months and months. Because he was living in another city too with my brother. I thought maybe, if he's living, maybe somebody else alive. This happened the last eight, nine years, eight years ago. Wrote letter to Ireland and then traced it down, it was nothing.

You traced it down, it was nothing.

Because I just get letters from Poland, I should held... and my friend, I used to send, I used to send him money.

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