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Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Living in Germany

Now when you say that you, that you were staying in, in Germany after your liberation...


...were you in a, in a camp, a special camp?

After the war?


After the war, the beginning I was with no camp, I was living private, in a private home.


In Bömberg.

How did you have a private home?

Because you, you, you go over there, the, the organization, like from the city.

The Red Cross?

It's like, it's not like... It's like the city, State of Michigan, like, something like that. Something like that, it was, the beginning you come in, they give you a room to live with the German. A room to live with them.

Did the German know you were Jewish?

It was after the war already.

And then they put you in their house?

They got to. They were afraid for us. At that time the American was in already, because they were afraid of everything. This was already after the war, I'm talking now about May, June. I was living with... Funniest thing is, I was living in Germany in an apartment upstairs, whenever the upstairs was my name Kreps, downstairs was Krebs with a "B." A German, Krebs with "B" and my Kreps with a "P." It was after the war. And some people with, they come later from Russia and other places, they living in Lager in Germany, DP Lager and I was living out of the city. Then we got packages from the J.O.I.N.T and places like that.


I mean, we get food from the J.O.I.N.T, yeah. You know J.O.I.N.T, it's like, like the Jewish ??? and stuff like that over there and we get Germany, from the city too. This was after the war. I was in Germany from 1945 to '49.

You were, you stayed in Germany after.

Nineteen forty-five I was going to Poland.

Oh, you went back to Poland.



And then I lived in Poland a few months, and come back to Germany.

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