Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Resistance in Camps

Any time that you were in the camps, were there any types of resistance that you saw?

What do you mean resistance?

You know, to fight against the Germans, to smuggle, to, you know, to do some things against the Germans.

No, not, not in my place, no. Only in my camp, when I was uh, in Poland people tried smuggling certain things or escape and they took, bring it, brought 'em back in. They catch him, they took 'em out, killed the two people, killed more people from the camp. They took out pe... certain people. For the two they killed another twenty besides. It was like I remember one time in the morning, like they found a couple escape through the wires. They brought them back in and when I come to work, then later, in the morning back from work they took us, everybody out. They picked more people to kill. Not two they killed, but twenty, thirty more on the same day for two escape. And I was there when they picked people. This was in Poland, 1943.

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