Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Brothers in Skarzysko 2

What did they do with the people after they killed them?

Pardon me?

What did they do with the people when they killed them?

What did they do when they killed 'em? The people they kill 'em they let 'em make their own hole. And then they let 'em stand up and kill 'em.

Is this the brother you found?

Then they took off the clothes and they took the clothes give away to the other people they're wearing clothes. I recognized the clothes. I recognized his clothes and everything.

You recognized which clothes he had on.

The clothes, yeah, yeah. That, that happened nineteen... in 1942. Like I say, you talk to me maybe before Skarzysko, I don't know. I could not answer the question. I don't know why I can answer the question now, I don't know.

Did you see your brother?


After he was shot.


You said earlier that you saw one of your brothers.

Only the clothes. No, I don't see him no more. They took him away. I don't see him no more. If he would say we don't want to go home, maybe he'll be still here, I don't know.

And you saw them bring the clothes back.

Yeah, bring clothes from him and other people too, yeah.

How did you feel when you saw those clothes?

You know, everything was like a piece of stone. You know how a piece of stone is? You don't know whether tomorrow, a minute later be with you. That's all. But this is the life, gotta live with it, that's how you got to...

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