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Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Family Pictures 2

You say the Polish partisans were fighting the Jews also?

Yeah, they see Jews in the forest they would kill 'em. You will hear the stories when you come to see the different people, they'll tell you.

Those pictures must have been like gold to you when...

Yeah, I got the pictures and you should see my office. I got three hundred frames like that. Not only from the press. I got pictures from weddings and bar mitzvahs, and all kind of things on my place. I don't have it at home, I brought it to my office here today. I see this, two years old. He got killed too. My nephew.

He was two years old when he was killed?

Yeah. See, I got one nephew, that's my, when ??? Like I say, I was fourteen years old, my sister was married, my uh, one, three brothers of mine married four people and they have kids. My sister don't have kids, but my other brothers they have kids. So them I got a picture. I, I took a picture when, when the war broked out. And I don't have all pictures. I don't have a picture of my father, he never took a picture.

No picture of your father.

No. I got pictures from... I got one, two... I, I don't have, I got picture from one sister and I don't have a picture from my other sister. And I have a picture from—one, two—five brothers uh, five sis... I don't have a picture from one brother. The one that passed away in Skarzysko, I don't have a picture. When they give me the pictures, I make sure I make duplication, I'm keeping, every corner I got pictures. Not everybody got pictures.

This family in those pictures, were they also living in the same town?

No, this picture, nobody's living there. This picture, nobody's living. This uh, Kielce. It's like State of... Lansing, State of Michigan. It's a little bigger town, Kielce. This picture, I don't... Nobody's living. This is my brother, my cousin, my mother, my sister-in-law. It's a wedding, now from these pictures. In the same picture you see, like this, I got 'em in the store. I make... In the summer I make picture, where in Chicago, from stone—what you call?

Wife: All the pictures...

That time in 1969, I paid twenty dollar for a picture and I make one million.

Wife: There's twelve pictures.

Pardon me?

Wife: Aren't there twelve pictures?

Twelve picture.

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