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Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Monument 2

Would you describe for the tape what the monument looks like?


No, no, just, just uh, describe it for the tape.

By the monument?


The monument, uh, when I built 1969, I... When I come back to Poland 1946 uh, my, my parents was going to Treblinka and everything though my neighbors across the street took what my parents give to them. When I come back in 1945 they gave me the pictures. So, I took pictures of these and make application for my brothers and everybody. And I would go to ??? I bought that times six lots and I was going to build a monument. On the monument it's marked down how many people was in the city, what year was the people got killed from the city, when my brother got killed, what's the name of the brothers and sister and pictures from my brothers and sisters. On the bottom the mon... in the monument, the bottom's marked on the places I was in six concentration camp. Like I was in Poland in Skarzysko, then Cz?stochow, then marked down Buchenwald, Dora-Nordhausen ??? and ??? It was marked down there all my family died 1942 on Yom Kippur. One, one brother marked already died in 1943. East. That's marked on the monument. And over there there's uncles and aunts names and everything.

The monument is made of stone?

Oh yeah, yeah.


Wife: How many men have you interview... Or do you have an interest in women too?

I'm over here.

All right, I'm looking at a picture now. Is this when it was dedicated? Is this when you first...


...when it was finished?

I still got the speech from the rabbi helper upstairs from the monument dedicate. I have that time about two hundred people outside coming to see the monument. Like over here in this picture I have a friend come from Chicago. This man was coming here, he was from Poland and New York, come here to the monument from my city, he come from New York. He's from New York, from my city. They come special to the monument. Here's one side monument and here's the other side. Both sides has got writings. And here on the bottom of the monument, like I say, the, the plate is from my concentration camp. And then marked on the bottom where my family got killed Treblinka. It's hard to see here. It's marked, it's marked on the plate my name on this side uh, from the city, on the other side was my name. He marked on the plates that's where, I was there. And then marked down where my family got killed, Treblinka.

And this monument now is, is where at?

In ???

All right.

I built it in 1969.

You're right, you were one of the first to, to build it.


You were one of the first to have that done.

Yeah. And here I got a picture of myself when I was fourteen years old.

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