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Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983


The following interview with Mr. Louis Kaye was held on May 9, 1983 at his home in Oak Park, Michigan. The interviewer is Arthur Kirsch.

All right, first of all, tell me your name.

You want the name from before, the name from now?

The name now and then the one before.

Oh, my name now is Louis Kaye. Name before, Louis Kreps, K-R-E-P-S.

Uh, where were you born?

Poland. Nineteen twenty-five.

Uh, what city were you born?

Warszawa. Warszawa powiat, near Kielce.

Could you uh, could you spell that?


Wife: It's on the map. The kids found it on the c... on the, um... Oh, he's got pictures.

Okay, I ask because what we do is we transcribe these.

Wife: It's not Warsaw, because I've had more arguments with people. It's ???

Okay, Mr. Kaye is showing me a, a plaque.

Yeah, I built my own monument in nineteen... Nineteen sixty-nine on ??? I lost two hundred people in my family. Six brothers and two sisters.

Is this, is this wrong?

Yes, it's spelled wrong. It's with a "WL." W-L... W?oszczowa.


Yes, with "L" W?oszczowa.

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