Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Kalmas - May 25, 1982

Thoughts on American Politics

There go--all go for their own glory, not for the people. Except Roosevelt, maybe. I don't--didn't know him. But as much as I read about him or heard about him--that he was for the people--for the American people. Maybe not a hundred percent, because he shouldn't have let the ship go back to Germany. Not a hundred percent, okay, he'll--he got his lesson. However, he provided a decent life. He cared about the poor, he cared about the unemployed, he cared about the--here we got a president that cares about prayer in school but he doesn't care about nine million unemployed--what to do about it. The same thing with Milliken. He doesn't care how from years back that Michigan has gone down and down and down and down. Didn't care about it, didn't even look into how to get industry into the state or make the industry that's in here to stay, not to leave. But taxes--he has to keep up a government, so give me taxes, give me taxes. Where from? This kind of people am I going to elect?

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