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Simon Kalmas - May 25, 1982

Finding Strength to Live

Plus I was stronger, ambitious, and the will to live it's beyond anybody's imagination. I don't think that the, that the average person will read about it or listen to the tape or see on television can ever understand what hunger means, what the will to live--it's, it's, it's a extra strength that's--it's beyond human imagination. Can you imagine that I could lift a ton, ton of coal, you know the little wagons, the li...they call it lorry. A lorry used to be a, a ton of coal--to lift a ton, ton of coal to put it back on, on, on the rails because it popped out? I cannot believe it myself.

You mean it fell over, you lifted it up?

Yeah, when it derailed.


I had to put it back on the rail.

You lifted it up to put it back on the rail?

Well, with skill. You know, you don't lift the whole thing...

I understand.

...you lift one hand, you know.

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