Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Kalmas - May 25, 1982

Moving into the Ghetto

All right, before that, how, how did life change at all in terms of your...

Well, we...

...routine or jobs?

No, we still had the same jobs. They created a ghetto that everybody moved--that all the Jews had to move into the--to a section there.

So you had to leave your house.

Yes, but I didn't leave the house because I had the shop in the house. So I was allowed to get out of the ghetto on my own--go to the shop. So my father and my, my, my, my brother, you know, they went with me. Because under, under this permit I had a man that I could, you know, employ. And it was 'til about 1941. Forty-one they decided that ghetto is not good enough, they're going to transfer us to another ghetto. So they transferred us to a ghetto in Neustadt, also Poland. In that ghetto we spent a year--'til November '42. Then they started gathering up. At first all men over sixty-six were tran...exported. Then they took everybody. A week there was everybody gone to Auschwitz.

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