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Lisa Kallai - January 28, 2008

Fate of Family

And what was, what was the farewell like with your grandparents and aunt and uncle?

Uh, for one thing my aunt gave me a picture of her two children, age ten and six. This was on the 30th of...it was the left transport that left Prague, 30th of July, 1939. My aunt gave me a picture...my mother's cousin...gave me a picture of her children age ten and six and she said, "At the moment the situation isn't serious, but if it ever gets serious, try and find a place for my children in England." That's how many people viewed the situation in Prague at the time.

Fatal but not serious? Is that what the Vienna...Viennese used to say? Um, so you had this picture...and they, they all survived?

No, they didn't survive.

They did not survive.

They didn't survive, they didn't survive, no. They didn't, their children didn't, my grandparents didn't, my aunt and uncle in Czechoslovakia didn't. They were all taken.

Do you know what happened to them?

Yeah, sure...


...it was Terezín and, and...

And then Auschwitz?

No, not Auschwitz. My grandparents went Treblinka. My aunt and uncle were ???, which is barely found on a map.

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