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Lisa Kallai - January 28, 2008


And here you are in Israel.

Woman: Do you not have Seders?


Woman: Do you have Seders for Passover?

Uh, we...yes, yes we do, but...

Woman: But I mean in your family.

My family...as long as my grandmother was alive. She used to have big Seder. After she died we didn't have anymore. Here in Israel I think everybody does in some form or other.

Any other questions? What, what do you do with crys...crystology?



Well, I hardly do anything now with it. I went...let's see, I did my first degree in chemistry, my second degree was in crystallography, which was in the physics department. When I came to Israel I moved to geology department so in the end I don't do anything with it.

Oh, so you were teaching?

Uh, yes.

Where you were teaching?

The Hebrew University.

Oh, I didn't know. Well, if there's anything else you want to add, just let me know. We will...I will send you a copy of the interview and when it goes online, I will let you, let you know uh, send you the website and all that. Thank you very much...

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