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Lisa Kallai - January 28, 2008

Thoughts on the Holocaust II

Uh, you said you didn't see any purpose in what the Holocaust could offer. Do you think there was any meaning people could learn...do you think people could learn from studying the Holocaust?

Well, I'm sure they can, I'm sure they can, I mean to take Hana's Suitcase as example, as I said, you know, they could use it to teach tolerance and they certainly can learn something from it.

I mean it hasn't stopped other genocides...

It hasn't.

...uh, but you think it's an important educational tool, just if, if only to teach about tolerance?

What, whether it is? You're asking me whether...


...whether I think it is? I certainly think it ought to be taught.

Do you know if they teach it in the schools as, as, as a rule Israel?

They do teach something, yes. I mean, when our children were small they, they couldn't...the, the, the accepted slogan was, "How did you let them do it?" But I think that's changed completely now. The grandchildren's generation doesn't talk like that anymore.

No, it's been a dramatic turn. You've been to Yad Vashem in the past?

I've been to Yad Vashem, I've been to Auschwitz, I've been to other camps, but, of course.

Have you been to the museum in Washington?

No, unfortunately not because when I was Washington last you had to book a week ahead or something and we were there to...for a short time...didn't make it.

It's pretty impressive actually.

So I'm told, yes.

Do you think that in anyway your experience during the war from 1938 to '46 has, has affected other parts of your life?

Uh, meaning what?

Does it change the way you think about...

Oh, of course, of course. Certainly don't think the way I would've thought, thought had I stayed in the village in Czechoslovakia.

You'd be...did it make you cynical?

No, no I don't think so...


...but it's opened up horizons that uh, certainly changed my outlook. No question about it.

Well, how could it not? Is there anything you'd like to add to the rest of this?

No, I don't know. Anything else you would like know?

Actually there's a lot I would like to know.


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