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Lisa Kallai - January 28, 2008

Thoughts on Nicholas Winton

Um, what are your thoughts about Nicholas Winton?

I think he's a wonderful man. I don't understand how he ever managed to do what he did at the age and at the time that he did it. How he managed to see what other people didn't see.

He's really quite a remarkable man.

He's a remarkable man.

And then to, to bury it...to put it away and not talk to anybody about it.

Yes, and it's his modesty and sense humor and he's a wonderful man.

Have you kept in touch with him?

I didn't know he existed until the reunion in London in uh, was it '99 or '98...'99?

Ninety-eight I think. So, just recently...

No, I didn't, I didn't know about...I said I don't know how I got on the transports, I didn't find my name on the lists of the transports and I didn't know about Nicholas Winton until I met him in London and since then he's been to this Israel twi...at least twice but...well he's been more frequently but I met him twice.

What brought you to Israel?

Uh, my late husband. I married...well, I was...became a Zionist. I mean uh, when I was at college I was a member of the Jewish society and so on. I was interested in Zionism. Whether I would have come or not...I toyed with the idea. But then I, I met my first husband who was an Israeli studying in England and I came to Israel with him.

And you've been here ever since?

I've been here ever since.

Not the United States, you wouldn't have gone there.

I've been to the United States a number of times. It's...

Um, let me ask you a different kind of question.


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