Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

David Kahan - April 29, 1982


Did you go to school with non-Jews?

Yes, I did. Of course.

You went to a public school.

Yes. Our town had about uh, 15,000 non-Jews, so we only had 250 Jewish families, so we're a minority and I went to school, public school, with uh, with uh, mostly non-Jews. I would say that uh, in each class maybe we had uh, ten, twelve Jews and there were eighty or ninety non-Jews. So it was uh, a small percentage of the kids were Jewish.

Did you go to cheder too?

Yes, of course uh, ah. First I used to go in the morning let's say at eight o'clock we went to public school, we finished about one, um, I used to come home for lunch and then I used to go to cheder for the rest of the afternoon and uh, then uh, I used to go home in the evening. Sometimes when the cheder was too far from our home, I actually just had some lunch and I didn't come home and I went directly to the cheder from school. But every Jewish child in my town went to cheder uh, regularly.

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