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Lanka Ilkow - October 12, 1991

Memories of Grandfather

They know about.

They know everything.

They know about the songs and...


Husband: You know, they you know, they, they don't uh, they don't care too much. I'm telling you my own story. Probably I tried to repeat 'em because something happen my mind when you talk about your parents, you, the, the way you bring 'em to life in your own mind. That, psychology maybe, I don't know.

I tell you, I was so attached to my Zeidee I was a child, my father hit me and he pressed him against the wall and said, "Don't put your hand on her." And so these things remained in me. And during the war I always pray to him and, and always tried to help me that I will do that and I will--I was thinking he's the one who's saving me for some reason.

You still dream about him?

Yes, I always see him in front of my eyes, with a beard and

Husband: She scream sometime at night. I'm waking her up. But she screams every night.

Tell me again what was the blessing that, where he put his hand over you. What did he say?

The, the brucha, we say, the blessing all the time.

Husband: She don't remember the name, but...

No, the name. ???...

I, I...

My father didn't have that habit.

He was blessing too, his father.

Husband: I did because...


Husband: because I, I figured by the holidays I'm in a little bit too much. Like every American Jew.

Well, is there anything else you want to add to this?

I think I told you everything, all my life story.

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