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Lanka Ilkow - October 12, 1991


Was he Swedish?

Swedish, yeah. And he--and she was a little blonde girl and he always come and talk to her. And she learned Swedish--one, two, three she spoke Swedish. It was coming so easy for her to learn.

Was he Jewish?


Was he Jewish?

No, he wasn't Jewish. Jewish they didn't come. They didn't bother with us. So anyway, when uh, when she uh, already was going, he said he's taking her to the movies. So I told him, "What time is the movie out?" And I went to meet her with another girl. We walked to meet her that she should not over, walk over the fields alone because it was quite a walk. So he didn't like it. He told her that I should not come to meet her. He goes with her and he wants to go alone with her. So I say, "You are--I'm in charge of you. You're not going with him. You're staying here. He's a Goy, you don't need it." So uh, she wasn't. She wasn't going. But then when we already lived with the family, he come around again.

The two of you lived there.

Yeah, we, we lived uh, three, five of us she took in. The first family there, in a doll factory they was working and uh, she took us on five. And I--so she told me I should take care of household and so we could stay there. So we stayed there--I told you last week that--and she got divorced from her husband. And her husband was--his parents was German, so he spoke German. So we was always scared of him. And uh, when she divorced him, then she was a loose woman. She brought young boys to her and she was drinking with them and having sex with them, I don't know how many. And one day her son and us walked in, in the house and we saw that. We had never saw something like that before. And she come running--we come and he was crying, her son. He was embarrassed from us, and he says yeah, his mother, this already her third husband and that's what she does and he's leaving. Here, here he will go away and we should leave the mother. Then I come to that aristocrat family.

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