Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lanka Ilkow - October 12, 1991

Conditions in Hundsfeld

Um, you were treated better in Hundsfeld than in...

Yeah, we was treated better you know, but it was...One girl she was from Košice. There was uh, five sisters. And they had a restaurant in Košice. Very religious people. So they didn't eat because she, she was the Blockowa and she provided for the sisters they should have a little bit more to eat. But she was very reasonable, very nice girl. She--like, every Sunday they made goulash. So, you know, so it was left over so she di...did it like this. This barrack is getting, Barrack nu...number Two is getting extra, so everybody got a little extra after. The next Sunday, the Barrack Three. And so she was doing like this you know, should have a little extra. And we was at that time working outside digging and she used to go to the SS to, I don't know, a report. All the time she had to go. So she used to bring hot coffee you know, with sugar in it and just to put down there. She didn't talk to us. Just put down and we went and took it and we shared. Everybody drink from the same thing, thing uh, drink here and a drink there and, you know.

And she worked in the kitchen, that's how she could...

No, she was the Blockowa.

Oh, I see.

She was in care of the whole camp there.

When you were--had this party and you said they smelled the potatoes baking and they came. What happened?

Well, uh, we, somebody come and told us that uh, so uh, outside was standing uh, like here the garbage cans you know, they called it the kibble. So it was coffee in it and we threw in everything there, you know. So they didn't find nothing, but they come in and they smelled and they looked in--under the mattresses and all over, maked a mess and didn't find nothing. So uh, and when we thought they threw, send us out Zählappell and they were searching everything. When we come in we went already didn't how this was, we already ate the potatoes with coffee, block--black coffee, the cheese with black coffee. Still it was good. If you're hungry eat everything. Everything's good.

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