Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lanka Ilkow - October 12, 1991

Polish Refugees

To Hungary.


Did any come to your house?

Uh, they come to Steiger's house, you know. And to Steiger's house and so and I was already in Berezny at that time. So the people he said they're killing Jews and he showed that they broke his arm. He was a photographer and he--they broked his arm and he run away. But people didn't believe that story. He says they're killing 'em and so. But then in '42, they took a lotta Jews from--like my husband was Slovak and so--and these they took to Poland and nobody returned. And we never knew what happened to those fa...whole families they took away. And one girl uh, the--she was one, a Hungarian uh, officer fall in love with her. They was just the four beautiful girls, you couldn't look in their eyes. That gorgeous they were. And that officer fall in love with her and uh, he used her, you know. In Europe girls wasn't you know uh, loose like here. They didn't go to bed with nobody. Those girls never went to bed with nobody. They was very religious. And uh, so he was the first one so he fall in love with her. And that officer who cleaned his uh, boots once attacked her. So he took a gun and shot him.

A Hungarian.

Yeah. And for--somehow he brought her over back to Hungary to his parents. He brought her back. And she told us. She came to the town and she told us that they killed everybody. They threw in the Dnieper in Poland, they had to jump from the trucks. So. And if they swimmed, they shot 'em.

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