Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lanka Ilkow - October 12, 1991

Taken to Ghetto

How did they take you to the ghetto? What was--how did you find out you were being taken away?

Well, they get us together and they took us to the other city and they searched us. Took away all the, e...everything.

You were in, you were in Novo...

Novoselitz. Yeah.

Novoselitz. There's no train there.


So what did you, how did you get from there?


You walked.

to the next city, you know. And they had a, a horse and buggy for those who couldn't walk, you know.

So these are the Hungarians.

Yeah, the Hungarians.

Then the Hungarians marched you to Berezny.

Marched us to Dubranich.


Yeah, the next town.

That's where the ghetto was?

Yeah, the next town. From there, it was--with the train, they took us to Ungvar, you know.

And that's where they put you in the brick factory.

Yeah. So we was there.

What was the train like from--it was a short trip.

Well, it was a regular train, you know. It was a regular train so we wasn't scared. But...

Did you talk to each other? Did you talk about what they would do to you?

Well, everybody was thinking well, they take us to work. So everybody was keeping together and I--today I looked, see in front of me Steiger, Herschel's father. I never tell--I--once I told him that. He was standing and eating from a little, just a rich man who they had maids and everything, eating with a spoon, beans, you know. Bean soup or something. He saw me and he give it to me, you know. And I looked, I, I give it to my brother. I take from him, see it, and I give to my little brother. And he says, "Leitchu, Zonen mier schoin, everybody the same now." He says, "It's just no good. You should not come here. You should run away." So.

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