Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lanka Ilkow - October 12, 1991

Hungarian Rule

Did the Hungarians--to go back for a second--did the Hungarians start to uh, pass laws? Were you rationed? Did you have rationing and--while they were occupying your city?

Yeah, but you see, we, we wasn't rationed because we had our own, you know. We was just--they didn't take away. They took away the horses and so, but they didn't take away the foods.

Do you, do you remember when they took your father and your brother away?

Well uh, my father was taken away in uh, in '42 and my brother too. And my brother run back. And then my father came back uh, they took him in Spring and in the Fall they let him go near Budapest. He was...

How did they take him? Did they come to the house and ask for him?


Or did they send him a notice?

No, they just come to the house and took him away for--they said they will uh, they used to send notices, for like mine first husband they sent notice that he has to go.

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