Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lanka Ilkow - October 12, 1991

Relations with non-Jews (Continued)

Except for this one young boy.

One. Just one family. They were very anti-Semitic, the whole family.

Nothing in school?

No, no.

Your father never experienced it in business?

No. The teacher he was a German, he was from Schweitz. And they called him a Schwab. He spoke Hungarian, he spoke all kinda--German, he spoke all kinda of languages. And he was friendly with us, you know. So uh, he used to come to our house. And uh, my father told him when I wa...was seven year old, told him he should beat me up if I do something. And see children was pushing around and I stepped on his flower you know, in front of the school. It was like silk flowers you know, uh, green and white. And I stepped on it and he hit me, real hard, you know. And I run home start to cry and my father said, "Well, you did do something." I don't know why he wanted he should hit me, but he hit me over the head with his hand. And my mother said, "There's no reason he should hit you." So she went to school with me and talked to him and he says, "Your husband told me I should hit her." So, uh you know, it was a whole story. If it would be here some teacher would hit you like this then he would have it. But in Europe they was hitting with sticks and so they was hitting. Uh, every Thursday the priest came, they send the Jewish kids out.

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