Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Feldman Icikson - October 23 & 29, November 5 & 12, 2001

Life in Israel

How far was the pump at the time?

Away. Quite away. So that was a tough time, really tough. But then they, they put in water. We had water in, in uh, the bathroom, I think, they made water. No, we had in the kitchen too, a faucet and a big sink. And we had electricity.

And did your parents talk about the international situation, about the war, about the government?

Did we talk about it?


About Israel?

About the political situation in Israel, about the possibility of another war or...

N...no, my parents weren't uh, very much into politics. They were simple people. And my dad uh, couldn't find work in tailoring, so he went and he became a builder. Uh, worked very hard. Uh, he used to get up very early and go to Tel Aviv, travel. It was very difficult. Um, um, my mom made a chicken coop in the backyard, so we had our own eggs already, so that helped. Uh, my aunt gave us little chicks you see, and they grew in no time. And pretty soon we had a little eggs and a little chicken running around, so that helped us uh. You don't talk--I don't remember them ever talking about wars or politics. We talked about where your next meal will come...


...where you're going to work, um...

Day to day life.

Day to day life how...

And you went to school?

...to survive. Uh, right away there was a school and I went to school, I met some children. Uh, I have a friend in ??? her name is Nechama. She was my very first friend in Lut. She is still my friend, and my dearest friend. Uh, we're still in touch.

Has she visited you?

She was here, yes.

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