Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Feldman Icikson - October 23 & 29, November 5 & 12, 2001

Reunited with Father

I'll bet it was.

Yeah. Daddy brought with him a big cabbage. It was so large. And that's what we ate the whole night. I sat in his lap for a whole night and we ate cabbage. I don't remember sleeping that night. And, um.

Did you laugh a lot?

We laughed, we cried. Uh, we listened to his stories. Uh, it was wonderful just to see him. My dad was very handsome. Tall, blue eyes--very good looking man.

You also have blue eyes.

Yeah, like my daddy's. Very sweet man my daddy was. And boy, we had such a good time that night. We were hungry. But it didn't matter, we ate cabbage. Cabbage was so sweet. And...

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