Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Feldman Icikson - October 23 & 29, November 5 & 12, 2001

Reunited with Father (continued)


Frightened? No, no.


No, I... Not really um, no.

Okay. Your father comes in the door.

Not in the door. We are all outside.

All outside, okay.

There is no door.

He comes. Did he greet you?

And we, we were so excited. And all I remember is that I sat in my father's lap--mind you, I'm the youngest now because my sister is dead, right. So I'm the youngest again. I sat in his lap a whole night. And you know what he brought with him for us to eat? The largest head of cabbage I've ever seen in my life. And cabbage, very sweet. And he cut up the cabbage and I ate cabbage a whole night sitting in his lap. This is what I remember from that night. Sitting in my daddy's lap. It was wonderful.

I'm going to stop there.

[interruption in interview]

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