Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Feldman Icikson - October 23 & 29, November 5 & 12, 2001

Meets Husband

And how did you meet your husband?

Well, I went, I went to buy a bread on Dexter. I walked to the bakery. And on the way back I had already met this young man and he gave me a ride home because I was walking. He says, "Would you like a ride home?" And I says, "Yes." So I hopped into the car, in the back seat was sitting a young woman, so I met her. And we started talking. She asked me my name and she says, "Oh you just came from Israel." I says, "Yes." And so she went home and she, she took my name, she went home, and she called my husband and she said to him, I think I found you a wife. So--and that's how I met my husband. He called me for a blind date.

And it worked.

It worked for forty years now. I mean, we've been married for forty, I've known him for forty-two. Yeah. Uh, this is how I met my husband and uh, we dated for two and a half years almost actually. And we got married. So two weeks before I got married I quit the job from that nursery school. Uh, it was a nice job, people was very, very sweet. Not only the people I worked with, but the children's parents were very kind, you know. I was a newcomer, I was kind of on the shy side actually because I wasn't fluent in English and... But I was very lucky that the children liked me, you know. I had children that if I wasn't on the bus they didn't, they didn't want to come to school. I mean, they were very close to me. Um, and so that, that made a difference, the parents were nice and uh, they accepted me. I was a, a newcomer, a greeny, a stranger, yet everybody was very sweet, so that was good.

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