Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Holcman - September 14, 1983


Did you have any uh, plans before the war to go into the family business or go to uh, uh, further on in school or religious school or to become a, you know uh, something? Or hadn't you planned anything?

No, I was uh, still going to school. And I was uh... No, the, the economy was depressed. I think I would have, I wouldn't have gone for the schooling. I would have start working. And uh, my neighborhood uh, bakery wanted to give me a job, teaching me their trade.

Do you remember uh, having uh, close friends, any close friends as a child that you were particular close to? Jewish friends?

If I had... Repeat that question.

When, when you were, before the war do you remember being particularly close to one or two different boys? You know, like sometimes schoolboys will be close friendships, with particularly.

Oh yeah, we had, yeah, we had a lot of them. Some of them the building I lived with and some from cheder. Yeah, we had uh, I had very good friends.

Was, was their experience, do you know, pretty much similar to what you've been telling me?

Their experience? Uh, I wouldn't know, I wouldn't know. Each one went separate way. So, I wouldn't know. But one particular friend uh, we went to Auschwitz together. So, we met really in Auschwitz together, so.

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